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Vista Quick-Stat FREE Standard Kit


Vista Quick-Stat FREE Standard Kit


Unique, clear 25% aluminum and magnesium chloride hemostatic gel with shortened hemostasis time. Metal ions in hemostatic agents induce the precipitation of proteins. Clot formation is sped up when positively charged metal ions bind with the negative charge of the blood/serum proteins, and the denatured proteins help to accumulate platelets and fibrinogen.

The Astringent Hybrid Technology is the exclusive surficant in Quick-Stat Free, engineered with magnesium chloride. This technology makes it 20% faster than other clear hemostatic agents, and penetrates more effectively to plug cut capilaries. 

  • Controls bleeding fast.
  • Ideal gel consistency does not flow onto surrounding tissue, resulting in quality impressions.
  • Non-staining - ideal in all regions and for use with self-etch (no rinse) adhesives.

Package: 4 x 1.2ml syringes; 8 Stat-Flo tips.

SKU: 504600

Exp: 2025-07

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