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Kerr AlgiNot Cartridge Fast Set FS Refills

Kerr USA

Kerr AlgiNot Cartridge Fast Set FS Refills


AlgiNot Cartridge Fast Set FS Refills 

AlgiNot™ is an extremely cost-effective, reliable alginate alternative. This high-quality impression material delivers exceptional accuracy and performance. AlgiNot is simple to use, and it saves the dental assistant a tremendous amount of time - giving your practice the opportunity to accommodate more patients. AlgiNot FS™ offers the same great performance as original AlgiNot - now with an improved thixotropic consistency and faster set time!

Suitable for impressions in preparation of case study models, orthodontic models, opposing models, simple removable dentures, removable retainers and splints, provisional crown and bridge, and dental impressions.

  • No hand mixing. Eliminates mess and cleanup. Saves time and material.
  • Delivery options. Cartridge or Volume™ automix dispensing.
  • Impressions remain stable. You can pour immediately or when it's convenient. Impressions retain dimensional stability for months.
  • Tolerates disinfectants. Alleviates concerns about contaminated impressions.

SKU: 33817 

Contains: 24 x 50ml automix cartridges, no mixing tips.

Exp: 2025-06/07

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