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Tokuyama Omnichroma Blocker - 4 g Syringe


Tokuyama Omnichroma Blocker - 4 g Syringe


Just One Shade to Match All Patients!

Groundbreaking universal composite utilizes Smart Chromatic Technology to esthetically match the entire classical VITA shade range with just one shade.

  • Unprecedented shade-matching ability and esthetics.
  • Exceptional handling, polishability and strength.
  • Decreases the cost of inventory and expiration of incidental shades.
  • Reduces the chair time spent on shade-matching procedures.

Use Omnichroma blocker in conjunction with Omnichroma composite for the direct restoration of extensive Class III and IV cavities. It can be used as a lingual layer to prevent shade-matching interference, to mask slight staining, or to reconstruct a highly opaque tooth.

Omnichroma Blocker - 4 g Syringe. Supplementary material for resin based restorative material with Smart Chromatic Technology. World's first universal composite that esthetically matches every patient, from A1 to D4, with a single shade. Its uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers (260nm spherical SiO2-ZrO2) allow OMNICHROMA to match every one of the 16 VITA classical shades.

Package: 1 - 4 gram syringe

SKU: 10117

Exp: 2024-01


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