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Septodont Biodentine Bioactive Dentin Substitute (Short Date)


Septodont Biodentine Bioactive Dentin Substitute (Short Date)


Bioactive dentin substitute, in single-dose capsules, replaces natural dentin with similar mechanical behavior and properties. For use in a variety of crown and root procedures.

In the crown:

  • temporary enamel restoration
  • permanent dentin restoration
  • deep or large carious lesions
  • deep cervical or radicular lesions
  • pulp capping or pulpotomy

In the root:

  • root and furcation perforations
  • internal/external resorptions
  • apexification
  • retrograde surgical filling

Biodentine preserves pulp vitality and promotes remineralization. A very tight seal ensures the absence of postoperative sensitivity, and the longevity of restorations. Sets in 10-12 minutes. Radiopaque.

SKU: 01C0605/01C0600

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