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Crosstex Twist Plus Oscillating Disposable Prophy Angles Firm Cups


Crosstex Twist Plus Oscillating Disposable Prophy Angles Firm Cups


twist® plus provides highly efficient and ergonomic polishing twist® plus is a unique disposable prophy angle that moves in a 120° reciprocating (back-and-forth) motion instead of a traditional spinning motion. This patented mechanism greatly diminishes frictional heat while reducing the spatter of prophy paste, saliva, blood and other potentially infectious materials. The innovative ergonomic design optimizes comfort as well as visibility during procedures.

• 120° reciprocating motion allows for continuous-contact polishing with more control and reduced splatter.

• Small head design improves visibility and increases maneuverability.

• Tight cup seal on the angle’s head reduces the chance of snagging soft tissues.

• Enhanced, fluted cup design for improved pick-up and interproximal polishing.

• Tapered and recessed grip design ensures a secure, comfortable grip.

• Robust gear mechanism provides smooth, continuous running.

• Soft prophy cup flares easily for efficient subgingival and interproximal cleaning.

• Tapered brush is ideal for use with ortho patients for easy access to areas between brackets, wires and bands

Package: 99 pcs Firm Cups

(1 pc is missing, all other 99pcs are still sealed in bag, intact, not used)

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