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Bioviva Suture 12 Pcs (Package Damaged)

3D Dental

Bioviva Suture 12 Pcs (Package Damaged)


Reliability and Quality You can Count On - Bioviva Sutures and Needles feature super fine needles and high knot comfort and security.  Bioviva Sutures and Needles will enable you to satisfy the needs of your users while achieving the highest levels of performance and quality. AISI 300 Stainless Steel needles are used for improved needle integrity, sharpness, insertion smoothness, and patient comfort.

  • Absorbable, sterile
  • Improved needle integrity, sharpness, insertion, smoothness and patient comfort
  • Consistent uniform diameter and flexibility to ensure secure knotting and ease of use.
  • High quality raw material with exceptional needle precision
  • Incredibly high tensile strength

Package: 12 pcs

(Package Slightly Damaged, packages inside are sealed, intact and unopened)

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